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Exchange & Refund Policy

Replacement procedures are as follows:


1. Keep all packaging materials, including the original packaging, documentation and related gifts.

2. Contact us within three days receipt of goods, proposed replacement requirements.

3. After confirming the status of goods in line with demand a replacement policy, we will inform you as soon as a replacement application

4. After recovering the goods, within seven working days for a replacement


* Replace the date of receipt has been sent within three days alone

* If we are unable to repossess the goods within a month, will retain the right to cancel a change of goods.



In the case of our client's right to refuse replacement requirements:


1. replacement over the period of replacement requirements

2. Use or due to personal reasons causing any damage to the goods

3. The quality of the goods itself does not exist

4. have a color problem in pictures


Guests should consider before buying * delivery risk if lost or damaged during shipping, guests are required to bear the loss themselves.


Return and exchange: After placing the order, you will receive an order confirmation email from the system. The email contains the content of the order, the customer's personal information, the selected payment method and the shipping method. If you do not receive the confirmation letter or have any questions after sending the order, please contact us. (You can use the ``Dialog Icon'' in the upper right corner of the online store page to contact us)


※Refunds and cancellation requirements are not accepted after the order is placed and the payment is completed. If we find that we have sent the wrong product after receiving the product, please contact us for replacement within three days after receiving the product, please keep the product intact If the product is removed or used, it will not be replaced. After confirmation, we will help replace the product, and arrange a refund in case of out of stock.


※Please note that the refund application will not be accepted after the deadline. The possible color difference and other issues are not in the scope of this return; in addition, repeated purchases, wrong purchases, and dislikes of the actual product are not accepted, please pay attention!