About JMG

Since 2019 , JMG has been officially operating.

JMG - has been exploring and looking for potential production brands , introducing them to customers , so that more people can pay attention to their products , and JMG makes it easy for everyone to get their products.


It mainly sells things related to all 1/64, Figure, Diorama, accessories, furnishings. JMG will select good brand products for everyone and introduce them to everyone

Agency Brand

In addition to launching its own brands: JM FIGURE and J.Diorama .  JMG also represents brands from different production units around the world . Including Hong Kong, Thailand, Taiwan, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, and China

Sales Location

In addition to online stores, JMG products are also available everywhere.

Hong Kong , China , Tai Wan , Macau , Japan , Singapore , Philippines , Malaysia , USA , India , Australia , Brazil , Korea , Thailand

Brands or distributors who are interested in cooperation, welcome to contact me